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  • Prototype Parts
  • Swiss Type & Multi-Axis CNC Turning
  • 4 & 5 Axis CNC Machining
  • Palletized Horizontal CNC Machining
  • Grinding
  • Sheet Metal
  • Welding
  • Electro/Mechanical Assembly & Design
  • Sawing & Finishing

(1) Mori Seiki ZT1500Y
Twin Turret, Twin Spindle-8 Axis with Quick Load Servo S3LNS Turbo Magazine Bar Feeder, with cross milling, drilling and tapping. Both Spindles have complete C-Axis.

(2) Mori Seiki NL-1500Y
2” Multi-Axis Lathe with SMW Magazine Bar Feeder

(1) STAR VNC-32B
Multi-Axis Swiss Lathe with 1-1/4” Dia. Bar Capacity

(1) STAR SR-20R
7-Axis Swiss Lathe with ¾” Dia. Spindle, maximum 10 power driven tools. 12ft. LNS Hydro bar automatic magazine bar feed.

7-Axis Swiss Lathe with ¾” Dia. Spindle, maximum 12 power driven tools. 12ft. LNS Hydro bar automatic magazine bar feed.

(2) Mori Seiki SL-1 CNC Lathes
5c 1-1/16’’ o.d. 3ft. Bar 6” Chuck

(1) Mori Seiki CL 253A
2 ¾” Dia. o.d. 4ft. Bar 10” Chuck with Lexair Magazine Bar Feeder

(1) Hardinge/Omniturn CNC Lathe with Bar Feeder

(1) Mori Seiki Duraturn 2050
2.5″ Multi-axis CNC Lathe

(1) Mori Seiki Duraturn 2550
3” Multi-axis CNC Lathe


(1) Mori Seiki NH4000 Horizontal CNC Machining Center with 4th axis,
1-degree increment.
X-22” Y-22” Z-24.8”(24.8” Cylinder)
3 Pallets

(2) Mitsubishi MH4B Horizontal CNC Machining Centers with full 4th axis
X-24” Y-22” Z-24” (27” Cylinder)
one with 2 Pallets, one with 11 Pallet pool

(4) Mori Seiki DuraVertical 5100 (two with full 4th axis)
X-40” Y-20” Z-20.1”

(1) Mori Seiki DuraCenter 5
X-31.5” Y-20.1” Z-20.1”

(3) Mori Seiki NV 5000 Vertical Machining Centers
(two with full 5th axis) X-31.5” Y-20.1” Z-20.1”

Fadal VMC6030 CNC Machining Center
X-30” Y-60” Z-28”

Supermax CNC Milling Machine

Bridgeport CNC Milling Machines

Alliant CNC Milling Machine


(3) Hardinge Tool Room Lathes

(2) Hardinge Turret Lathes

Harrison 17’ X 60” Gap Engine Lathe

Supermax 16” X 43” Tool Room Lathe

Lansing 16” X 40” Engine Lathe

(1) Leblond Toolmaker 17’ X 40” Engine Lathe


(1) Chevalier Surface Grinder 6” x 18”

Brown & Sharpe 8” x 24” Tech Master

Reid 6” x 18” Automatic Surface Grinder

Do All 6” x 12” Surface Grinder

Brown & Sharpe 618 Micromaster

Do All 8” x 18” Hydraulic Surface Grinder

Taft Pierce 6” x 12” Surface Grinder

6” x 12” Harig Hand Feed Surface Grinder

6” x 18” Harig Hand Feed Surface Grinder

J & S Radius Dresser

Cincinnati Tool & Cutter Grinder

12” x 36” Gallmeyer & Livingston #55 Surface Grinder

Jones & Shipman 6” x 18” I.D./O.D. Grinder

(1) Blanchard 11D-20 Rotary Grinder

(1) Sunnen Hone MBB-1660

(1) Sunnen Hone MBC-1805

(1) Chevalier CNC Surface Grinder Smart – H818


Strippit 30/30 Punch

Niagra 6ft., 3/16 Shear

48” Pexto Motorized Shear

6’ Strippit Press Brake

48” Diacro Hydraulic Press Brake

24” Diacro Finger Brake

24” Diacro Roller

Diacro Circle Cutter

(2) Lincoln Welders, Square Wave TIG-355

Spot Welding Machine

Diacro 16 Gage Notcher


(2) Moore # 1 ½ Jig Borer
X-9” Y-14” Z-8”

Moore # 2 Jig Borer
X-17” Y-11” Z-10”

Moore Jig Grinder

OKK 36” Vertical Milling Machine
X-36” Y-12” Z-18”

2HP Vari-Drive Bridgeport with Digital Readout and Power Feed
X-26” Y-12” Z-13”

(1) Cincinnati Horizontal Milling Machine

Burke Horizontal Model B Milling Machine

Abene Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine
X-24” Y-8” Z-16”

Kearney & Trecker 5-15 Vertical Milling Machine
X-43” Y-13” Knee 13”

OKK Horizontal Milling Machine

(1) Mitsubishi MD & PRO II Wire EDM
X-13” Y-10” Z-9”

Charmilles Bench Model EDM – Sinker
X-8” Y-5” Z-4”

Brother HS 300 CNC Wire EDM
X-6” Y-9” Z-4 1/2”


Giddings & Lewis Model RS25 Cordax Direct Computer Controlled (DCC) Coordinate Measuring System with Renishaw PH9A Motorized Indexing Probe Head. Direct Inspect CMM Inspection Software Capable of Creating Inspection Programs Directly from CAD Files.

Sheffield “1808-M Coordinate Measuring Machine” with Direct Inspect Programming Software and Renishaw PH6A Touch Probe.

(1) Giddings & Lewis Model D8” Discovery, direct computer controlled (DCC) shop hardened CMM.

Brown & Sharpe Micro-Val Shop Floor Coordinate Measuring Machine

Fowler “Trimos” Vertical Measuring System with Gage Talker/Printer and SPC Capability

Gage Master 14” Optical Comparator with Digital Read Out

(1) Mitutoyo 12” Optical Comparator Model PJ-300

Brown & Sharpe 0-24” Digi-Hite with Tesa Bi-Directional Touch Probe and Data Stat Smart Processor

(10) “Tesa Hite” Electronic Height Gage 0-14”

(1) “Tesa Hite” Electronic Height Gage 0-24”

Mitutoyo Heightmaster 0-30”

Inspection Grade and Lab Grade Granite Surface Plates

Sheffield Model QE Profilometer with Type YE Piloter

Starrett 0-2” Bench Top Super Micrometer Model 673

Rockwell Hardness Tester. (HRC, B and Brinell)

(1) Sunnen Dial Bore Gages Set From .040 to 6.00 Range

(2) Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gages 2.0 to 4.0 Range

Comprehensive Selection of English & Metric Internal and External Thread Gaging from 00-80 thru 1-12

Automated Recall and Calibration of All Inspection Equipment In Accordance with Mil.Spec.45-208A FAR 21


Bewo Automatic Cut-off Saw, Model DV-225

(1) Doall Vertical Bandsaw, Model HSW-50

(1) Kalamazoo Saw, Model MCD 8-0-D

(1) Hem Saw H90A-4 Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

(1) Powermatic Vertical Bandsaw, Model 87

(1) Scotchman Saw, Model CP0315

(2) Empire Bead Blast Unit

(1) Mr.Debur Deburring Machine

(3) Burr Bench Tumblers

29 Victory Ln, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 • Phone: 845-868-2266 • Fax: 845-868-7259

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